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Pat yourself on the back.

By visiting this site, you are taking a step towards increasing your long-term financial stability as an artist. You may have been creating for decades, or you might be at the very beginning of your career. You may have a full and robust collection to present or you might be building that and still gaining the skills to create truly remarkable work as you continue to grow your art business. Wherever you are at this exact moment, it is always important to be able to sell your work. You need to make money.

You must lose the struggling artists avatar, especially if you are an artist working a “real” job and then working into the night to create your art. I know you want to quit that job, but that means selling more work. Month in and month out, your work must keep selling. That seems an impossible monthly goal for some reading this, but I have faith in you because I have proof that this system works.

You can do this – many thousands of artists are making a solid and sustainable living from their art. I am one of them.

You may be a two-dimensional artist who works on paper or canvas. Or perhaps you look through the lens of a camera to capture that instant in time that will move others forever. Or you work with clay, wood, metals, fiber; the list goes on and on in the three-dimensional world of artists.

Whatever you create, you all have one thing in common: you need to find loving homes for your art. You need to make sales, so you can continue to make more art for people to love.

No matter what your medium, you probably have inventory surrounding you, a wish-list of tools you would love to own, and a cell phone that beckons you to check your notifications and lose yourself in online chatter. You struggle selling your work, but you know your work makes a huge impact every time a collector buys your work. They tell you they LOVE your work. You love knowing that fact.

A Course Based on Love

The E’s of Selling Art System is guaranteed as a “No Salesy” no pushy “deal making” approach

You know you need to increase all that love you know is out there. You know you must do something to generate more income. But doing live events, open studios, or other face-to-face selling is really not “your thing” and you dread even filling out the applications or setting up your studio because you really don’t like to sell.

Only love lives in this course. In fact, the first lesson is free so you can feel the tone and the gentle, natural, human approach I have been teaching since 1987. The first lesson will introduce you to the basics of the course. You have nothing to lose to do a little research and see if this resonates. Learn a few tips in the first lesson that will change your approach to your own art in very uncomplicated terms.

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*Money Back Guarantee

If you complete the first section and you do not feel this is going to increase your engagement skills, add confidence, and give you the tools you need to share authentically, just email me and I will refund you.

About Your Instructor

Mckenna Hallett had her first business at the age of seven with two employees. She had her first "paid" (half a candy bar) copywriting "contract" by the age of 10. She has had a very successful studio creating art jewelry from found objects since 1992 and still has over 30 wholesale accounts.

Helpful Hints

1. Go at your own pace
2. There are no right or wrong answers
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